Skeeter Beene’s Car Care Center
260 N. Main
Melbourne, AR 72556
Toll Free: 877.222.8350


Skeeter Beene's TOWING and SALVAGE is Melbourne's premiere 24-hour towing and emergency roadside assistance resource. Whether your need involves a local towing service or long-distance destination, our family-owned and operated company is dedicated to providing you with state-of-the-art convenience, innovative technology and razor-sharp logistics, all delivered with impeccable professionalism to ensure your complete satisfaction any time of the day or night. 

We are Fully Insured for Your Protection 

Skeeter Beene's TOWING and SALVAGE is fully licensed, certified by the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Transportation, and also bonded for your safety and total protection. By carrying the maximum liability insurance, including ample on-board coverage, we ensure your vehicle’s safe transport and successful delivery no matter what the circumstances or level of difficulty. 

Roadside Assistance 

When you need help on the side of the road, turn to Skeeter Beene's TOWING and SALVAGE. If your car dies, we don't just jump it. We provide a complete system check, including the alternator, to ensure your car is working properly. From tire changes to gas deliveries and lockouts, we do it all. We can even change your battery at the time of service, which also includes a 3-year warranty. 

Recovery Assistance 

Get your vehicle back without further harm. Our recovery specialists have been trained and certified in techniques to recover vehicles with minimal damage. With our equipment, we recover anything from a Volkswagen Beetle to a fully loaded semi-truck. If it''s on wheels, we will recover it. 

AAA Service 

Skeeter Beene's TOWING and SALVAGE is the only local company that makes the AAA battery program available 24 hours a day. Our technicians go above and beyond what is required by AAA. For example, if you are stranded at the grocery store, we will run you home with your groceries before taking the car to the shop. 

We Specialize in More Than Automobiles 

In addition to the vast array of fine vehicles we serve, we also offer expert transport and relocation services for specialized industrial machinery and delicate medical equipment. Undaunted by heavy equipment and specialized machinery, our experienced and versatile towing service also accommodates many other larger modes of transportation such as fork-lifts, scissor-lifts, toy haulers, recreational vehicles, boats, motor homes, travel trailers of all sizes and hitches, construction equipment, and commercial trailers of all types.

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