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Maintaining your car is an investment that PAYS! Tires improperly inflated, plugged air filters, and engines in need of a tune-up are just a few things that waste valuable gasoline! Whether you're on a tight budget or interested in helping to lower our country's dependence on imported oil, keeping your car tuned and running within factory specs is a win-win proposition.


Fuel Economy Check

Let us check your vehicle's fuel economy to make sure you are getting the best gas mileage for the make and model of your vehicle. 

Oil Change & Lube

If you plan on keeping your vehicle moving down the road for years to come, make sure you stop in to get your vehicle's oil changed and lubed on a regular basis. Start your regular oil change and lube maintenance schedule today!

Tire Sales & Service

Need new tires? No problem! We stock a variety of tires to fit a variety of needs.  

Tire Balance

Did you know that your tires need to balanced on a regular basis? Not only do unbalanced tires cause a bumpy ride, they can also cause tires to wear down quickly and so much more.  

Tire Rotation

If you want to prolong the life of your tires, try getting your tires rotated. Rotating tires not only extends the life of your tires, but helps with a smoother ride and overall safer handling of the vehicle. 

Air Conditioning Service

No one should have to drive in the heat of summer. Let us diagnose and repair your A/C so you can drive without breaking a sweat. 

Engine Tune-ups

Engine tune-ups, along with other scheduled maintenance, can add years to the life of your vehicle. Let us help you set up a maintenance schedule to keep your car running like new for years to come.  

Service Engine Light On

Is the service engine light coming on keeping you up at night? Let our professional and experienced team take a look under the hood to see what is causing the issue. 

Computer Diagnostics

Many of the cars made today come with sensors and computer processors installed. A computer diagnostic test can pull information logged from your car's computer and reveal to the mechanic a range of possible problems associated with your car, depending on the make and model. 

4-Wheel Allignment

In addition to tire balance and rotation, it is also important to add 4-wheel allignment to your tire maintenance list. Not only will a 4-wheel tire allignment add to the life of your tires, but it can create a smoother ride and even add to your fuel mileage. 

Radiator Service

Keeping your radiator happy is crucial to the overall health of your vehicle. It is what keeps your engine cool. We offer a complete radiator service where we diagnose and repair the problem. 

Transmission Service

Like an oil change, the transmission also needs to be serviced on a regular basis. Getting your transmission serviced, along with other car care services, can keep your car running like new for a longer amount of time. 

Electrical Systems

Many of the newer models of cars today rely on electrical systems throughout the vehicle. If you experience an issue, our team of professional and experienced mechanics are here to diagnose and fix the problem at hand. 

Exhaust Systems

Not only does a properly working exhaust system help to cut down on emissions which pollute the air, it also helps everyone in your car breathe fresh air. It can also help boost your fuel mileage.

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